“Since we were little girls we grew up hearing the noise of the touch of the materials.
We learned to recognize a good leather from its scent and we dreamed unique models which our imagination would give to you”

Stefania and Ilaria

“Les Italiennes” is born from the creativity of two sisters, Stefania and Ilaria Dibari, joined by the passion for creating original, refined and high quality footwear. The love for design, the pursuit of details, the care for materials, are inherited values of the family which for years has been leading with success “Mixer”, specialized in sandalerie.

The bond with the family business, the gained experience e the propensity for the artisanal “know how”, leads Stefania and Ilaria to take the same path, pointing to a refined, never trivial, footwear in which the valuable materials, exclusively Made in Italy, are joined to the stylistic innovation and to the taste for beauty.